Overcome Infertility - What is Cryopreservation in Conventional Medication?

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Infertility has come to be defined as the inability to conceive after a year of unprotected sex or unable to carry the full-term pregnancy. To overcome infertility, conventional medication plays an important role because it is the first step of the treatment. For women, it is used to treat hormonal disorders and helps to stimulate the ovaries. It increases the chance of getting pregnant for infertile couples. For men, it is used to treat those who have low sperm count and mobility. Here we will discuss how cryopreservation helps to overcome infertility:
Cryopreservation is a process where unfertilized egg, embryo or sperm are frozen at a very low-temperature between 77k or -196°C. By this technique, couples can secure their fertility for the social or future use.
The procedure of:
     ·Freezing sperm: Once the sperm is taken from the testicle of the male, it will store in a tube. That tube will store in a specialized lab at the temperature of -80°C for at least 1 day. When the tube in which sperm contain is frozen completely then it will transfer into the regular tube rack for long time storage. The successful storage of human sperm reported is 24 years.
     ·Freezing embryo: It is a process of preserving or freezing the embryo in liquid nitrogen at sub-zero temperature and it is a part of most IVF process. It is stored in the embryo bank. This process is chosen for some reasons such as giving another chance for pregnancy or in case of certain medical treatments. The frozen embryo is only available for legally married couples. The costs are lower in comparison to other treatments.
    ·Freezing eggs: It is a process that is used to preserve the woman’s reproductive potential. It is a procedure in which several eggs are retrieved from a woman’s ovaries and that unfertilized eggs are frozen and stored for future use.
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