sepDNA Fragmentation

Sperm DNA fragmentation is higher in infertile men and men with poor semen are more likely to have high sperm DNA fragmentation. High sperm DNA fragmentation is also found in men with normal semen parameters who may be diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Sperm DNA can be damaged during sperm production and transport. This damage is known as DNA fragmentation. Fertile men have low levels of DNA fragmentation compared to sperm from infertile men.

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A conventional semen analysis is done for sperm concentration, motility analysis and morphology assessment. It cannot assess the sperm at the molecular level and as result aid the detection of DNA fragmentation. A number of sperm DNA fragmentation tests are available. The most common test the doctor performs is the DFI test. It provides a reliable analysis of sperm DNA integrity that may help to identify men who are at risk of sub fertility. It also provides information that helps in the clinical diagnosis, management and treatment of male fertility.

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