sepDiet and Nutrition

If you have decided to go for the IVF treatment, you should start monitoring your diet. It is seen that obesity or too low body weight affects your fertility and reduces the success rate of IVF. A diet rich in nutrients can help to strengthen your body’s systems and create a healthy base for IVF. It is not necessary to stick to a strict “fertility diet” but it’s about developing a healthy lifestyle now, so that you would be fit, healthy, and ready for all the challenges of your pregnancy.

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Before making any major changes to your diet, talk to fertility specialist and especially before start of any course of vitamins or herbal supplements. Women should take a prenatal vitamin during this time. There are some supplements which are especially recommended for women who want to get pregnant:

  • • Omega 3 fish oil
  • • Coenzyme q 10
  • • Minerals: Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Iron
  • • Vitamins: A, B6, B12, C, E
  • • Folic acid

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