Advantages of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The couple who are unable to get pregnant, IVF is the best treatment for them. IVF treatment gives hope to many couples who want to live the parenthood. The chances of getting pregnant decrease with age. If your age is above 35, then IVF is the best choice of treatment. In India, many couples are happily choosing IVF treatments to become proud parents. This process consists of four stages:

  •      ✓  Ovulation induction

  •      ✓  Egg retrieval

  •      ✓  Fertilization in a laboratory

  •      ✓  Embryo transfer to the mother's uterus

The expert from the best test tube baby centre in Noida will help you to understand the procedure and choose the right, safe and effective treatment for you. Here are the advantages of IVF treatment:

  •      ✓  It gives an opportunity of having a child if women have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.

  •      ✓  The women who have low ovarian, IVF are the best treatment for them because it focuses on the quality of eggs rather than the number of eggs.

  •      ✓  This treatment may beneficial for those who suffer from fertility problems but remain undiagnosed.

  •      ✓  The men who have weak sperm or fewer sperm counts can also respond well to the IVF.

  •      ✓  In the IVF procedure, one can check the eggs or embryo for any genetic abnormalities.

  •      ✓  The fertility specialist usually recommends using donated eggs/sperms because it will increase the chances of pregnancy.

  •      ✓  By checking the genetic abnormalities, one can decrease the chances of miscarriage.

  •      ✓  When other fertility treatments fail, then IVF works.

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