Benefits of Surrogacy in India

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Surrogacy is the hope to all the couple who are failed in the treatment of infertility or the childless couples. Another woman, called a surrogate mother involves in this procedure. It is a legal procedure governed by the contract in which some terms and conditions such as the surrogate mother will give that child after birth to the couple in consideration for some amount of money, the surrogate mother has no right on that child and many more are written on it. There are many surrogacy destinations for childless couples that are opened worldwide to seek the joy of having their baby.
Well, India has become the destination of medical tourism. People from all over the world come to India for the treatment of their medical conditions such as “Surrogacy”. The number of commercial surrogacy rises primarily because it is less expensive in India compared to other nations. In India, the regularization and legalization of surrogacy are playing a major role which attracts even foreign couples to come to India for surrogacy treatment. You can consult Dr.Anushka Madan at the best fertility clinic in Noida to know more about the procedure of surrogacy.
Benefits of Surrogacy in India:
      ·In comparison to other countries, surrogacy treatment is affordable in India.
      ·India provides the best medical care worldwide.
      ·India’s legislation protects the parents and does not grant any rights for the surrogate mother after the birth of the baby.
      ·The surrogate mother's name will not appear at any place on the childbirth certificate.
      ·Counselling facilities are available in the surrogacy clinic that helps the couples taking the right decision.
      ·The detail records and history of the surrogate mother help the couples to choose the best surrogate.
     ·India allows the single parent or gay couple for the surrogacy.
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