sepDiminished Ovarian Reserve

One of the leading causes of infertility in women today is diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). DOR is known by low number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries or with poor quality of the remaining eggs. The ability of a woman's ovaries to produce high-quality eggs and ultimately good-quality embryos is known as ovarian reserve. OR declines naturally as women age, but some women experience a decline of ovarian reserve sooner than others.

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Many women diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), also have high FSH or low AMH. The one thing certain about DOR is that it is irreversible and that these women are at risk of poor ovarian response to ovarian stimulation in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). We have expertise in treating women with DOR, born out of decade-long research on the condition. We do the ovarian reserve testing in order to identify those patients, unlikely to become pregnant prior to initiation of a first IVF treatment cycle.

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