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We specialize in treating patients who have had multiple failed cycles and we follow individual protocols according to the patient’s response. One IVF cycle takes four to six weeks to complete, and a pregnancy test is done approximately two weeks after the embryo transfer. So we informed our foreign patients about the time period they have to stay here. Accordingly we do all the arrangements for them. We have found that the most successful partnerships occur when the patient is well-informed and can play an active role in their treatment.

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Vrinda Fertility’s experienced and highly skilled specialists provide the advanced fertility treatments with sophisticated diagnostics and the latest technology. We value an open and ethical relationship with each patient in an environment of trust and respect, an environment where questions are welcome and encouraged. We have the most conducive environment for Open Discussion, Professional counselling, solving all queries, helping both the partners to understand and to be updated with each and every step of the treatment.

Our motive is creating the platform or providing a common platform for all those couples who are struggling to fulfil their dream of having a baby naturally.

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