sepPoor Ovarian Response

Ovarian stimulation is one of the most important phases during any IVF treatment. The patients are required to take medication for a period of 7 and 12 days to obtain several oocytes or eggs for fertilization. The ovarian response is defined as the number of oocytes obtained after the stimulation.

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In some cases, the total quantity of oocytes/ eggs is so low after stimulation that chances of successful conception are reduced. These cases are referred to as poor ovarian response. The poor ovarian response indicates that the lady has a lower chance to conceive and produce a normal, healthy child. Poor ovarian response indicates low chances of pregnancy even if the female is 20-30 years of age. Poor Ovarian response testing identifies that patient have a lower probability of conceiving. You can still have a baby with your partner’s DNA as long as your uterus is receptive. In Vrinda fertility, we make it possible with our best treatments.

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