sepRepeated Implantation Faliure

Although ART has improved outcomes for struggling couples, still a new challenge has come into view, Repeated implantation failure (RIF). Multiple failed cycles can make couples frustrated and desperate for explanations from their fertility specialist. Repeated implantation failure (RIF) happens when good-quality embryos repeatedly fail to implant in several IVF treatment cycles. The causes of RIF are associated with either the mother or the embryo.

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Uterine anatomic abnormalities, thrombophilia, non-receptive endometrium, and immunological factors are considered as maternal factors. The genetic abnormalities or other factors intrinsic to the embryo that impair its ability to develop in the uterus, to hatch and to implant are causes of failure of embryonic implantation. However, we are experts in helping our patients with difficult cases of infertility and we know that failure can give signs for a successful next IVF treatment. Most patients come to us after being discouraged elsewhere and have gone back successfully.

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