sepTest Tube Baby

A test-tube baby is a successful outcome of human reproduction. It results from methods beyond sexual intercourse between a couple using the medical intervention that uses both the egg and sperm cells for successful fertilization. The term test tube is used to refer to the babies born from the artificial insemination called IVF and has now been expanded to in vitro fertilization. It is the practice of fertilizing an egg outside of a woman’s body. After that, fertilized egg (zygote) goes through embryo culture for 2–6 days in a lab. It will be embedded and in the same or perhaps yet another woman’s uterus, with the purpose of developing an active conception.

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IVF success rates are significantly higher these days as compared to other ART methods. The achievement rate depends upon elements like maternal age, the reason for infertility, embryo level, historical reproductive past, and also lifestyle elements.

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