sepUnexplained infertility

Infertility is the inability to conceive in some couples, the exact cause is invisible. This is known as unexplained infertility. In these couples all the diagnosis reports come back as normal. Unexplained infertility is a also a common one. Approximately 40% fertility challenged couples could not get explanation for why they can’t conceive. Unexplained infertility does not mean that you have no options. There is a reason for hope at Vrinda Fertility clinic.

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When you can’t get pregnant, the first step is fertility testing at our clinic. Then, once a cause is found, an appropriate treatment is pursued. Unexplained infertility can only truly be diagnosed after a full and complete fertility assessment of both the male and female partner.

Some times without any treatment intervention, 15 to 20 percent of couples who were dealing with unexplained fertility will eventually become pregnant. More than half of couples who seek infertility treatment get pregnant without advanced techniques such as in vitro fertilization. If you’re not ovulating or sperm counts are low, IUI or IVF may be recommended.

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