Treatment of Male Factor Infertility

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Infertility is a term that is defined as not getting pregnant or to conceive a child naturally. Male Infertility is defined as the abnormal semen parameter which is present in the male but unable to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. Out of all infertility cases, 40% -50% is because of male infertility. This situation can be emotionally depressing and frustrating.
Causes of Male Infertility:
      ·Swelling in veins
      ·Infections such as inflammation of testicles, HIV
      ·Issues while ejaculation
      ·Defects in tubes that carry sperms due to any injury, trauma or some inherited diseases
      ·Surgeries like inguinal hernia repairs, prostate surgeries, rectal cancers, etc
      ·Use of alcohol, drugs, smoking
      ·Increased weight and level of emotional stress or depression
Symptoms of Male Infertility:
      ·Hormonal imbalance
      ·Inherited disorders
      ·Swelling and pain in the testicle areas
      ·Difficulty in ejaculation
      ·Erectile dysfunction
      ·Lower sperm count (< 39 million per ejaculate)
Diagnosis of Male Infertility problems:
      ·Physical examination: Prior to the physical examination, the doctor asks you some questions about the health issues, past injuries, surgeries. After examining your genitals, they might ask you about sexual habits and development during puberty.
      ·Analysis of semen: The doctor collects your semen sample and sent it to the laboratory to measure the sperm counts, shape abnormality and mobility of sperm.
Your doctor may recommend some tests such as hormone testing, genetic tests, Testicular biopsy, Scrotal ultrasound, etc to find out the main cause.
Treatment of Male Infertility problems:
      ·Varicocele repair: The collection of compressed veins around the testes called Varicocele. There is some surgical procedure to remove those veins in the scrotum that can sometimes improve the quality of sperm.
      ·Medication: If there is any problem regarding hormonal imbalance that affects sperm production, then to improve the production of sperm can be treated by medication that includes gonadotropin therapy, antibiotics or any other medication if needed.
     ·Assisted reproductive technologies: There are different types of reproductive technologies that are available to overcome infertility problems such as IUI, IVF, and Microsurgical fertilization.
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